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We involve citizens in decision-making. Easily and in the long term. Through participation, modern technologies and a unique voting method.

How does it work?
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Participation 21

Are you a city representative, teacher, school director or do you work in a non-profit organisation? We have the right solution for you. Let your citizens, pupils and students or partners decide on things that concern them. Improve your mutual communication.

product forCities and municipalities

Involve citizens in decisions on distribution of part of the city budget. Let them propose how public spaces should look. Provide a forum for discussion regarding the future of their city.

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product forSchools

Give Participatory Budgeting a try and actively involve your pupils and students in the school’s operations. Give them the opportunity to vote and therefore decide on things that concern them. Acquire practical teaching tools. Enrich the content of work of School Parliaments.

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product forNGOs and organisations

Host votes and public competitions. Carry out surveys and collect data. Evaluate  responses quickly and efficiently thanks to the Decision 21 platform. Use the multiple vote method. Discover feedback from your partners or clients.

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You didn’t find yourself in any of the categories? Don’t worry. Participation 21 can also be set up for other purposes. Contact us and we will prepare a solution tailored to your needs.

Why address participation with us?

Team of seasoned experts

For every solution, we have an expert specialised in the particular area. We have experience from hundreds of projects that we’ve implemented all around the world since 2015.

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Tested Janeček method (D21)

We promote consensus-based voting methods as a way of maximising communities’ collective satisfaction with voting outcomes. The Janeček method (D21) affords voters multiple plus votes and minus votes in a ratio relative to the number of desired winners and options, allowing voters to express their strong preferences while enabling a consensual candidate to emerge.

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Modern software platform Decision 21

Our projects are supported by our in-house platform that we are constantly developing. It is an intuitive, fast and versatile tool, which covers a range of decision making processes. Easy to understand results are available in real time.

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Our solutions have already been tested by thousands of people all around the world.

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