D21 - Janeček Method

Thanks to the modern D21 - Janeček multiple vote method, we find solutions most people can agree on.

D21 - Janeček method is a modern voting tool that makes any group decision more effective. It enables casting multiple votes and in certain cases it also allows for a minus vote. Greater range of votes enables us to precisely express our preferences, thereby reaching in any voting a consensus that reflects the interests of the majority of voters.

How does the method work?

The basic prerequisite of the D21 - Janeček method is that each voter always has more votes available than the number of winning possibilities. All votes have the same value and the voter can, but does not have to, use all of them. Every option can receive only one vote. To cast a minus vote, it is necessary to cast at least two plus ones. The number of plus and minus votes can change according to the specific electoral context. Modifications always occur according to the basic algorithm whose author is Czech mathematician and social innovator Karel Janeček.

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Use in voting

Use in politics as an alternative voting system

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