About Participation

Participation (from Latin partem capere, take part) means sharing something, involvement or taking part in something. From there also participate, be involved. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how people should take part (participate) in all decisions that concern them.

Why is participation important?

Participation concerns all areas of modern 21st century society. You can find it in four basic forms: economic, cultural, social and political sphere. In each one of the given areas, it is possible to participate with similar principles but with their own particularities.

Participation is a process. The Participation 21 team seeks its continuous improvement and perfecting. Our goal is to engage society in participatory processes in such a way that they bring the highest degree of benefit and consensus. In our projects, we therefore use the modern Janeček voting method (D21) that makes voting more efficient using multiple votes and, as the case may be, also a minus vote. The method can be used not only within the political sphere, as we did in the project President 21, but also in participatory projects.

One of the methods, and at the same time new and quickly developing trends, of participatory democracy is the implementation of participatory budgeting where individuals decide on how to distribute part of the public budget. It can be implemented in municipalities and cities, schools and non-profit organisations.

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