Řídím Říčany

The project started on May 16, 2015. The goal was to engage the public in decision-making and get their opinion on different activities of the city. Motivation was to bring the town hall closer to the citizens and vice versa. We facilitated two types of voting: on simpler and more complex topics. Anybody interested in the topic can vote on the simpler questions. Only citizens that registered through registration form, are over 15 years old and have permanent residence in Říčany can decide on the more fundamental issues.


Společně pro Příbram

In January 2018 we launched the pilot project “Společně pro Příbram”. The city earmarked 1 million crowns from public budget to implement proposals selected by the people. A second round of participatory budget is currently under way in Příbram.


Soutěž Podnikatel Prahy 5

Citizens nominated their favourite businesses or establishments that operate in MČ Praha 5 and then voted with the Janeček multiple vote method for winners in individual categories. It was also possible to cast a minus vote if they were not satisfied with any businesses.


Park Na Solidaritě, Praha 10

The Administrative District Praha 10 decided to change the area of public life that worries the citizens the most, city park Na Solidaritě. The Participation 21 team first carried out general study from publicly available data. Subsequently, they organized voting in order for citizens to express their opinion on what they would like to change and preserve in the park. They expressed their preferences using plus and minus votes. The results of the analysis and poll served as basis for two public meetings. Based on quality data from citizens, three ateliers prepared urban studies for revitalization of the park. In the last phase, citizens voted on the proposals of architectonic ateliers. Park revitalization took place in 2018.

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Since 2014, I have been helping to set up various participatory processes in the Czech Republic and abroad. I am in daily contact with communities, companies and other organizations. I participated as a project manager and consultant in the election game President 21, and also other projects and research activities of the Institute. I graduated in Political Science with a specialization in democratization and human rights at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno, and spent part of my studies at the University of Catania.

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