Participation for cities and municipalities

Involve citizens in city development. Gain their trust. Improve your mutual communication.

What can be solved by means of participation?

Participatory budgeting

Involve citizens in decisions on the distribution of public funds.

Participace 21 - Participativní rozpočet obrázek

Participatory projects and voting

Allow your citizens to decide or vote on things that concern them.

Participace 21 - Participativní projekty a hlasování obrázek

Surveys, polls and data collection

Find out your citizens’ wishes and obtain relevant data from them in a quick and effective manner.

Participace 21 - Průzkumy, ankety a sběr dat obrázek


We have experience

40 40 participatory budgets, 11 of them abroad.

450 450 surveys and ballots, 300 of them abroad.

Most often, we offer services in two basic variants: (A) A one-time solution for specific voting or project; or (B) An annual license to the platform that allows the client to create any number of projects for the duration of the license. Apart from basic services, you can also order additional supplementary services, such as data analysis or extra consultations.

Our D21 platform complies with the requirements for personal data protection under GDPR regulation. The platform also complies with the requirements for security (encryption, secure https certificate etc.) including industry-standard protection against hostile attacks.

We work with different voter verification methods. Voting can easily be open so that everybody with the corresponding link can vote, or it is possible to access voting using invitation received in e-mail. However, in most cases we recommend using more advanced verification by means of unique PIN codes. Before accessing the vote, it is necessary to enter this unique PIN code. The voter can receive the PIN code in the form of hard-copy invitation or at a town hall contact point. The administrator can generate as many PINs as they need and each one can only be used once. Protection using SMS is a similar method. PIN code is sent to the voter by SMS after entering the number into the voting platform (similar to internet banking). One number can always vote only once. Voting can be protected using a combination of PIN code and invitation.

Information from supplementary questions (soc-dem. such as age, gender, etc.) is stored absolutely separate from the voting in main questions. Data from supplementary and main questions is stored in two completely different locations in the database and it is not connected in any way. The votes as such are also divided into categories according to their value and they are not stored together. This means that we store the selection of individual options and not one vote as a whole and therefore we are not able to put together one complete ballot form from one user. Results are then counted as the number of selected options in each category.

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Since 2014, I have been helping to set up various participatory processes in the Czech Republic and abroad. I am in daily contact with communities, companies and other organizations. I participated as a project manager and consultant in the election game President 21, and also other projects and research activities of the Institute. I graduated in Political Science with a specialization in democratization and human rights at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno, and spent part of my studies at the University of Catania.

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