Participation for non-profits and communities

Improve communication and decision-making in your organisation.
Move your competitions and other events to higher levels.
With the help of a unique voting system.

What can we help you with?

Participatory decision-making

Better communication with your volunteers, donors, partners or target group.


Voting at competitions and other events

Improve voting using intuitive platforms and elaborated methods.


Surveys and data collection

Plan a strategy using relevant surveys



We have experience with

participatory projects around the world

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"Since 2014, I have been helping to set up various participatory processes in the Czech Republic and abroad. I am in daily contact with communities, companies and other organizations. I participated as a project manager and consultant in the election game President 21, and also other projects and research activities of the Institute. I graduated in Political Science with a specialization in democratization and human rights at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno, and spent part of my studies at the University of Catania.”

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