Participatory budget at ZŠ Hroznová, Brno

In the course of October and November of 2017, the school took part in the project Participatory budget for schools. The school received 30 000 Kč from the town hall of the administrative area Brno-střed. Pupils from 5th – 9th years participated in Pébéčko

The coordinator of the project at ZŠ Hroznová was Mgr. Petra Franková.


Participatory budget at ZŠ Jana Husa, Písek

Some of the first schools that took part in participatory budgeting were elementary schools in Písek where the project was implemented in November 2017. Implementation of the winning projects was assigned the amount of 40 000 Kč.

The coordinator of the project at ZŠ Jana Husa was Táňa Kučerová.



Participatory budget at ZŠ Strossmayerovo náměstí, Praha 7

Pébéčko at elementary schools in Praha 7 was a pilot project in which we tested new version of the D21 platform in 2017. Elementary schools received 50 000 Kč for Pébéčko from the town hall of MČ Praha 7. Given that Pébéčko proved successful and school directors, coordinators and pupils were very satisfied with the process and result, the MČ Praha 7 town-hall implemented Pébéčko in its schools again for the school year 2018/2019.

At ZŠ Strossmayerovo náměstí, the school parliament actively helped with Pébéčko.

The Pébéčko coordinator was Martin Provazník.

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